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Cooking and Baking in Metric

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Created on 2009-05-07 05:07:40 (#309103), last updated 2009-12-24 (407 weeks ago)

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Name:Cooking and Baking in Metric
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Wished that you could swap recipes that're in metric -- without being asked to change the measurements to cups and pounds? Frustrated with trying to work out imperial-to-metric conversions? Want to share success stories on converting recipes, or wish that someone would?

Step right in and make yourself comfortable! :) We also welcome tips on converting recipes to the metric system and reviews of kitchen tools, recipe books and TV cooking shows.

Posting Guidelines
  1. TAG YOUR POSTS. If you need the mods to add a new tag, please use !tags needed.

  2. If you're posting with a request for help with converting recipes into metric, please check the help needed: converting recipes tag first. Your question may already have an answer!

  3. Please put any images larger than 320x240 pixels behind a cut. Not everyone has access to a fast Internet connection.

  1. No one's expecting people to join hands and sing "What a Wonderful World", but basic courtesy and politeness are expected for a reason: this is a shared space, where different people from different contexts mix and mingle.

  2. The community's default language is English, but we make no assumptions as to someone's geographical location or proficiency in the language. You are very welcome to post a recipe in a language other than English, but please provide a translation.

  3. Misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia and any other forms of bigotry and/or discrimination are not welcome here. If you find this too restrictive, kindly ponder #1. When in doubt, use the UDHR and the Yogyakarta Principles as your guide.

This community's mods are [personal profile] frangipani and [personal profile] horusporus. The former is a hostile pedestrian, the latter is a hopeless nerd, and we both also like to knit.

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